Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Fab new offers

I have just been updating the special offers page on my website and wow there are lots of them this month!! If your children (or you lol) love fiction books then hurry to my special offers page as you can save £££'s this month on lots of fabulous titles.
You can also get a full set of 10 Adventure books for just £29.90 saving yourself £10!!! These books are great to keep kids entertained as they have a story throughout to keep them hooked and puzzles on each page, with the answers all at the back! Take a look now at the Puzzle Adventures Summer Set offer (click the heading of this post to take you directly to my website).

There is also a fab new book just been released. 'This Is My Digger' a fantastic touchy feely board book with a sound button to help the kids bring the digger to life. I will definately be adding this to Aidan's list lol as he absolutely loves his 'This is my duck' and all his 'that's not my...' books!

Monday, 15 June 2009

trip back in time lol

well on Saturday night I truly did take a trip back in time in more ways than one lol. I was at the Boyzone Concert at Glasgow SECC with my mum and little sister Pam. I was actually such a huge huge fan of Boyzone first time around and after going to their concert last year was really looking forward to enjoying reminiscing (sp?) about the old times. What a fab concert it was! Loved singin along to all the old tunes and having a little dance around.

Anyway, before the concert started me n Pam went to get ourselves a drink. When we got to the bar the woman asked us for ID!!!!!! OMG how embarrasing. It does happen to me now and again and i always have ID with me in my purse but.....I'd left my purse in the car duh!!! Well you should have seen the woman's face when i told her that i'm actually 26!!!! Was she having that? NO! My mum had to come over and vouch that I am indeed 26 and my sister is actually 22 before she would give us our smirnoff Ice. How mortified I was lol. Needless to say we avoided the bar for the rest of the night pmsl.

Lesson learned from this....remember my driving licence on sunday when me n Pam go to the Take That concert pmsl!!!

Monday, 8 June 2009


As you've probably noticed i've added my twitter feed to my blog. I set twitter page up ages ago but couldn't quite figure it out lol but i'm now giving it another go! So if you're on twitter feel free to follow me on there. username is wee_emmielou. Trying my hardest to keep updating blog and twitter etc but its quite hard to find the time to do everything lol. I'm currently juggling my books business, updating my book website, keeping track of all the new offers from the usborne site, updating this and twitter, replying to emails, messages on facebook and bebo and most importantly looking after my gorgeous little boy! PHEW!!!!! lol. Think i'm becoming a bit of an internet addict lol!

Oh and just to good was this series of apprentice???? I luv that programme so much its pure genius! so glad Yasmina won although Kate would've been a worthy winner too! Cant believe its all finished for another year oh well.

what a weekend

Well my mum's party was brilliant! such a fantastic night. There was plenty of booze, food, dancing etc. My little man lasted till about 10.30pm before being taken home to his bed by my inlaws. He was the star of the party, everyone was cooing over him lol.
The best thing of all though was that I actually managed to keep my shoes on all night.....woohoo pmsl! They weren't as bad as i was expecting and well worth the pain of the blister i had on my toe yesterday lol!
My mum really enjoyed herself aswell which i'm so glad about. She also enjoyed her big cocktails at TGI's yesterday!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

party party party

woohoo its party night for me tonight!!! It's my mum's 50th birthday so we're having a big party for her!! I'm soooo excited! I have a gorgeous new dress to wear and a pair of shoes that i just luv luv luv lol! Ive had my hair done, my nails done and ive been fake tanned!!!
I'm at mum and dads house just now to help prepare some of the food for the buffet then i'll be off home to get ready! Got such a cute little outfit for my wee boy, Aidan to wear aswell! think he might actually be the star of the party rather than my mum lol (i'm sure she won't mind though lol).
This is really my first big night out since I had Aidan and any party with my family is always brilliant...plenty of drinking and dancing woohoo!!! Ive also arranged for the inlaws to take Aidan home once it gets too much for him so me and my hubby can stay till the end and enjoy plenty of drink (mmmmmm lol).
Then tomorrow (hopefully minus the hangover) i'm off to TGI Fridays for a late lunch with Hubby, Aidan, mum, dad, wee sister and her boyfriend. I absolutely luv TGIs its soooo yummy and I'll be having a lovely big cocktail to wash my lunch down heehee!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

oh dear

ok so you are probably thinking that i've forgotten i actually have a blog! which ok I probably did for a few days as ive been so busy that i haven't had time to update it (tut tut) but hey here i am now, although i should really be going to bed as i have a very early start tomorrow!!

Well sunday was the day of the pram-a-thon in Paisley, in aid of the make-a-wish foundation. There was a big turnout for they event and thankfully the weather wasnt to bad!! Very windy but dry and warm yay! I was hosting a stall at the event with my Usborne books and i am very proud to say that I helped out at this event. It is a fantatic charity and I am hoping to help them with other things in the future so watch this space!!!

Tomorrow I have to deliver some books to Little Sunbeams toddler group in Irvine. Then at night i will be going along to the local church as there kids jump club is holding their sponsored read that i have organised or them. I am so excitedto find out how much money they have raised through this (the money will be used to buy Usborne books for the kids who attend the group). 2 of my little cousins go to this group and between them they have raised over £100 and there are around 50 kids at this group! With the success of this event i am hoping that i can arrange similar events for some schools and nurseries etc as they will benefit massively from this.

Then I NEED to be home for 9pm to watch the apprentice oh yeah!! lol. I am such an apprentice addict! They are all numpties though lol. I cant believe how much they all love themselves and how arrogant most of them are!! It is hilarious when sir Alan takes them down a peg or 2 lol! Oh i cant wait to watch it tomorrow!!!

Anyway, i best be off 2 bed now. Anyone wishing to know more about the make a wish foundation check out their website

Sunday, 10 May 2009

another busy week ahead!

Well following on from a busy week last week i also have another busy week ahead.

Tomorrow morning (monday) I am taking my books along to a toddler group in Irvine to display them. This is ideal for me as I can take Aidan along with me and while i'm doing 'business' stuff he can play with the toys and make some new friends. Thats probably the best thing about what i do is that i can take him along to things with me and he has fun aswell!

On tuesday its off out to meet a couple of friends and there babies. Wednesday i have a sponsored read event taking place at a local kids club This has taken up hardly anytime to organise at all and they will benefit from hundreds of £'s worth of free books. Then on sunday I am hosting a stall at a fabulous fundraising event. Its in aid of the make a wish foundation and is called pram-a-thon. Its taking place in Barshaw park in paisley and is looking to be very well attended. Its such a great cause that i am so proud to be helping out and i'm really excited about it! hopefully the weather will be good aswell.